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College Counseling

Academic Counseling Services balances students strengths, weaknesses, needs, interests, and financial resources with appropriate college opportunities. Identifying and applying to suitable colleges should be approached in a careful, organized manner while understanding the importance of college decisions in relation to personal satisfaction and career development. ACS staff members provide detailed information about academic programs, requirements for admission, and application procedures. Assistance is also given in identifying and clarifying a clients educational needs and potential. The total student is always considered in the college selection process. The student and ACS consultant will consider:

  • The best environment for reaching the students full potential
  • Specialized programs versus a liberal arts education
  • Strengths of various departments or majors
  • The size and location of the college or university
  • Clubs, activities, and sports available
  • Internships or work cooperative plans
  • Opportunities for study abroad
  • Religious affiliations
  • Cost and financial aid packages

The consulting process will continue by selecting a group of carefully and realistically chosen colleges ranging from likelies to reaches, and guidance concerning applications, interviews, and admissions tips will be provided. This continues throughout the decision-making process.