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Boarding School Counseling

Families may be interested in investigating boarding schools when local academic resources do not adequately meet their students needs. A variety of schools exist throughout the country, and each school has its own unique intensity, qualities and heritage. Information about the schools will be provided to the clients, and an extensive library of individual school view books, brochures, and DVDs is available through ACS. Schools may be carefully selected for:

  • Specialized educational needs
  • Unusual talents
  • The need for stronger, more solid preparation for college
  • The need for individualized attention from understanding faculty and staff
  • Motivation for a student who needs turning on academically
  • The student whose self-esteem would be bolstered by a smaller, more intimate school
  • A 13th Year or post-graduate experience in order to mature or strengthen a students educational foundation

Because private secondary school is normally a 24-hour environment, selecting the right school should be based on how well the student matches the school in every respect: academically, emotionally, psychologically and socially. Academic Counseling Services staff can help clarify educational weaknesses, consider interests, and guide you to the schools most appropriate for your child.